What is the Concept of a Green Building?


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Green building principles aim to reduce the negative impact of buildings on the environment. Green buildings are held to the highest standards of environmental stewardship and resource efficiency from site selection to day-to-day operations. These structures make the best use of local resources, have the least impact on the environment, and, most importantly, are designed to use less energy, water, and materials.

Green construction is based on five basic principles:

  • Water Quality & Conservation preserves the natural water cycle and reduces inefficient potable water consumption while increasing water recycling, including rainwater gathering.
  • The Sustainable Site Design approach ensures that important environmental assets are protected and that unnecessary loss of precious land, habitat and open space is avoided.
  • Maintaining a high level of Indoor Environmental Quality ensures that building occupants are healthy, pleasant, and productive. This entails utilizing the finest possible air quality, thermal management, natural ventilation, and lighting conditions.
  • Through optimized building design, material selection, and energy conservation measures, Focus on Energy & Environment maximizes the utilization of renewable energy and other low-impact energy sources while limiting the negative impact on the environment.
  • The procurement of materials and resources is an important aspect of the construction process. The use of non-renewable construction materials is minimized, while the use of sustainably managed recycled resources is maximized.

There are certifying agencies that help real estate developers adopt these principles and obtain green certification, such as the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

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